What Is A PKM And Why Should You Care

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2022-12-01 - 16:08

Any Fool Can Know, The Point is to Understand

PKM, in its full form is known as personal knowledge management, is a system which helps you keep a database of all the knowledge that is important to you in your life. We all have the same problem, which is remembering things that help us make sense of the world.

You can use a PKM for anything that you're into, like when you're working on your PhD, or just want to remember what shows you watched or want to watch, or you stumbled upon a topic and don't want to forget everything that you've learned by next week, or maybe you just want to track your habits, your workouts or your dreams and goals over time, or maybe you want to remember and cherish all the memories of your loved ones, or just and to remember how you've lived a good life.

If you do anything like that, then you're managing knowledge, and that's PKM. Knowledge management is the process of creating, sharing, using, and managing knowledge.

Personal knowledge management is really about making sense of the world and once you start diving deeper into this topic you'll start asking many interesting questions like, What should I do in this world? How should I conduct myself? Where should I spend my limited amount of attention? What really matters?

If we decide these existential questions are fundamental to a life worth living, then we better have a way to deal with all the stuff that we have going on in our lives, and PKM can help us do just that.

Your personal knowledge management is a life-long investment of time and effort into capturing and organizing information.

You can think of PKM as a more strategic approach to writing things down in a notebook.

πŸ€” So How Do We Do It?

We need to create a framework to manage all the content that we have and create. Just like we humans have been doing it for years, we create simple frameworks that are easy to remember because even though the "you" of today has life figured out, how do you know you won't forget what you've learned in the decades to come.

while life is too short...

...for our memories, it's too long.

The "you" of today isn't the same as ten years ago, and surely the "you" of ten years later would've changed in ways, way bigger than we usually comprehend on a day-to-day basis. And in that way, we give ourselves way too much credit for what we'll remember.

It is all too common to have an amazing breakthrough on how to live a good life, only to forget it all in the days and weeks to come by, collecting more ideas that drown out the original idea that really mattered. This is idea-noise, the habit of collecting ideas and never managing them properly, and this is where PKM frameworks come into play.

Today, with all the digital tools that we have, we can easily connect a nugget of wisdom and another in our note libraries. In this simple way, you can externalize your ideas while spending more time with them. The future "you" can connect to the older ideas as you collect more experiences over time. As your wisdom grows over time, you can connect your ideas together to make a better sense of the world.

🀹🏻 7 Fundamental Skills of PKM

  1. πŸ“₯ Retrieving information
  2. βš–οΈ Evaluating/assessing information
  3. πŸ—ƒ Organizing information
  4. πŸ”Ž Analyzing information
  5. πŸ‘ Presenting information
  6. πŸ’Ύ Securing information
  7. πŸ“ Collaborating around information

Nothing in life, including knowledge, is static. As you meet more people, experience different things, your knowledge changes.

πŸ’πŸ» This kind of system helps you is a variety of ways.