Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma

Watched the 1st season on Animax, When I was in school, and I was too young to understand the depth of it. Also, watching it on TV was not a great experience due to the fact that I was not as good at reading subtitles (Yep, it was in Japanese).

I was young, but not dumb enough that I could forget this anime. Animax only showed the 1st season, this happened 2 times I think, and back then I had no idea that anime had seasons, so I used to think that the end of the story. Which was very sad (You'd understand when you watch the 1st season) as the anime ends on a pretty bad note.

This was always stuck in my mind. Sometimes I would think, what happened in the story after that? Did it really end that way? If it did, then I don't want to watch it again.

But it didn't, so I searched for it and watched it once again somewhere in 2021 I think. There is some kind of beauty in old anime that we don't get to see these days. Sometime modern romance animes feel rushed. This one feels a bit different to me. There is a good pace of how things go.

I love the characters and they are very relatable. The female lead "Emma" is the kind of woman that any man would desire. There are some qualities in a woman that I love, and she is portrayed is one of the most beautiful ways. If I could meet someone like that I would be super attracted to her.