Electricity Usage & Cost for Mini Solar

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Electricity Usage & Cost for Mini Solar

2021-10-13 - 09:42


The average electricity usage is going up slowly at my place. This is unusual as the appliances and usage time remains the same.
The power company has also increased taxes and charges overall over the years gradually.
I'm starting to think about solar more seriously but, I don't really have the space to mount the panels safely. More on that later.

This is the usage from the last 12 months.

Month Units
Nov 158
Dec 152
Jan 155
Feb 188
Mar 175
Apr 177
May 133
Jun 157
Jul 141
Aug 154
Sep 162
Oct 164
Total 1916

With an average on 159 Units month. Which would cost us around 1,200 a month. Bringing the yearly bill to 14,400.

We can certainly bring this down a lot by using different appliances like, BLDC fan, Led Tublights

Other cool thing I thought about is adding mini solar kits in the house, won't look good at all but will be functional. (My home doesn't look good either way so won't be an issue).

For this I've seen 50 watt panels with a dedicated Lithium ion pack of 12v, making our own battery can be more beneficial in terms of cost, but will take more time and effort. Also the chances of something going wrong can be higher if BMS fails. On the flip side it's an opportunity to learn something new. And last we need a mini inverter that can power each room.
This system has 200 watts of power which is enough for using fans and lights. The only limitation is inverter and the battery. The bigger we go the better the capacity of the system as a whole.


For one room the cost is as such -
Solar panel = 2,000
Battery 12v = 2,149 12V x 10Ah = 120Wh
Inverter = 615
Total = 4,764

For the 4 rooms that comes out to 19,056. A good enough deal for reducing electricity costs of course this system will only deal with lights and fans but it can still make up the bulk of the costs.