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Resources:: Keeping Your Body At Its Best
2021-10-11 - 14:35

  1. Your macros are an important thing but not as important on a whole food vegan diet.
  2. As you consume whole foods as close to their natural state its hard to mess with the macros.
  3. Not consuming extra oil or fat is the key to keeping the macros in a good proportions.
  4. I get the majority of my calories from Carbs.
    1. these are complex carbs that are slow to digest.
  5. Proteins are next.
    1. I don't try to consume any extra proteins and so far it's been good. No deficiency or anything.
  6. Fats are not a big part of my diet.
    1. Even though my family loves to add a lot of oil to foods I try to avoid them.
    2. I can do better if I would be cooking for myself, Not yet though.