11 Skills Millionaires Master

2021-07-28 - 14:52
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Resources - 11 Skills Millionaires Master
2021-07-28 - 14:59

Fleeting Notes

  1. Learn to Persuade people weather it be your family, friends or other businesses. 2. Persuading businesses for getting more business and demand from them.
  2. Learn to persuade yourself as well when you're not feeling up to the mark for that day.
  3. Persuasion is a kind of negotiation. Learn to sell with persuasion.

Reading People

2021-07-28 - 15:08

Fleeting Notes

  1. Reading people better is important for avoiding getting ripped off, back stabbed, lied to, and cheated from.
    1. Learn to read people and understand the trends you see.
  2. People you should focus on reading, employee, customer, people who are full of it.
  3. It's important to also read the people for the right things.
    1. Are you giving them the right importance and doing them right?
  4. Anticipate what people would need in the future or would say in a conversation.

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Resources - 11 Skills Millionaires Master

Sharing The Wealth

2021-07-28 - 15:15

Fleeting Notes

  1. Wealth has to be created by multiple people at the highest level.
  2. If you make money and others make money with you, they constantly want to do business with you, which make everyone more money.
  3. Having others with you can make it easier to make more. Can give you complimentary skills.
  4. If you see a trend in which just one person makes money while people with him don't, it's a sign that most people won't like to do business with that person in the future.

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Resources - 11 Skills Millionaires Master


2021-07-28 - 15:21

Fleeting Notes

  1. Master leveraging, The sooner learn that in order to do anything big you need a team is the sooner you'll start scaling at a very fast pace.
    1. People who usually are perfectionists have a hard time scaling things as they want things to be done in the way they want. People on the other hand who are not that way are have an easier time scaling things.
  2. Learn how to delegate, How do you delegate? who you delegate it? Are they comfortable with that thing?
  3. Crowd sourcing, Ask opinions from your team and different personalities.
  4. Leverage is team, recruiting, sales, software, technology, social media, every kind of marketing, branding, collaborating, everything is leverage.
  5. Ask how can you leverage to make this thing go faster.

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Resources - 11 Skills Millionaires Master

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Resources:: 11 Skills Millionaires Master
2021-07-28 - 15:33

  1. Recruit the right kind of people, people who want to grow this just as much as you want it. Not to take advantage of them, but to talk and discuss things that expands the idea base.
  2. People with high caliber and understanding that help take things higher.
  3. Partners and investors who are incredible at networking and investing.
  4. Recruit the best people you can find.
  5. Not only you want to recruit people in the business but also people who can help you but are not involved in the business like mentors, friends, family, someone you can talk to, etc.
  1. Energy Management
  2. How To Process Issues

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Resources - 11 Skills Millionaires Master | How to focus on things that truly matter
2021-10-13 - 11:13

  1. Time Management can be considered a parent skill. With good time management, you can apply other skills better.Β  Learning to manage time better can be one of the key things that can give exponential results over time.
  2. We all have an equal amount of time in a day but, what we do with that time is what creates all the difference. As you get better at managing time, you can learn new things or apply the things you've learned better and consistently.
  3. Good Time Management X Consistency = Good Results

  4. So managing yourself is the key here. You need to create better Habits and be consistent with them. It's good to analyze your daily schedule and think critically on what you're spending useless amounts of time on, A habit, or a behavior that doesn't even give enough entertainment but we keep repeating it mindlessly. These kinds of behaviors can get ingrained in our minds and we might keep doing them without even realizing it.
  1. How To Manage Money
  2. How To Be Aggresively Patient
  3. Learning