How To Get Things Done With Activation Energy


Activation energy is the effort you need to put in to start working at something.
This can be anything, like starting the workout, getting out of bed, etc.

For every individual, it can take different levels of activation energy to start with the same work/activity. This is due to our individual habits, fears, anxieties, etc.

One might not hesitate to make a sales call, while others might feel scared, In doing so using a lot more activation energy to get started.

Is activation energy the same as Willpower?

Yes, and No, Willpower can be considered an umbrella term while activation energy can be a small part of it.
Just like willpower, we can have a limited amount of activation energy at our disposal each day. Unless something really unusual happens.

How can improve yourself so that you have to use less activation energy?

Make better systems, make Better Habits. Improving systems would mean planning things out properly, especially if you know you hate doing that particular thing.
Write the things which you want to do with all the details you can.
Example - I'll start my 'Pull' workout at 4 pm in the evening. I'll do 4 sets with 12 reps of pullups and other exercises in similar details.

Once you have the exact steps laid out in front of you, you'll need much less activation energy to do it. Continue to do so until your brain makes it easy enough for you that you do not need any willpower to get started.

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