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2023-10-27 - 21:10

I found this manga, so I just decided to read it as the plot was somewhat interesting. There are quite a few amazing manga panels in this. The art is awesome, some panels can just be framed, they just look beautiful.

I liked some of the philosophical aspects as well. Like, the reference to Nirvana, moksh, and enlightenment. All that was amazing but...

The problem for me was that I just didn't like the ending. It was pretty rushed and didn't have a satisfying end. It just felt like the author wanted to end it quickly somehow, or the author had never planned how to end the manga and just put together something to end it.

Most characters kinda lacked the depth, other than the main few. The main girl Hirose just dies so that our protagonist can unlock something within him, that's how it felt like to me. It felt like the author used her as a plot device to upgrade our main character. From that point on, everything started to fall apart.

I find it frustrating, because there was so much more potential in this manga, just was never transferred in the end. This reminds me of Fire Punch (2016). It had so much potential, but, they manage to fuck it up in the end.

The authors should really try to think about how they will end the manga even before they start making it.