I remembered the theme song I heard years ago from this show and always wanted to see it.

So after a bit of trouble I found this link and the video quality is pretty bad, it is in 360p and very low bitrate but, it's watchable.

The first few episodes are establishing the plot.

I don't remember the episodes but I think it was 2nd and 3rd where we get to see a child molester ex-mafia member for comes in to get his facial features changed as the molested his bosses daughter who was like 6 year old.

So some heavy stuff there, it is not explicitly said but you have to connect the dots to understand it all. Btw, the dude gets killed so that was all good in the end.

Episode 04

We get to see a transgender woman for surgery.

If you told me that transgender and sex change surgeries will become so common 20 years later I would've not believed you.

Episode 5

This show is obsessed with sex. I can't watch this anymore, it disappointing.

They could create amazing stories and maybe they do just that in future episodes, but I can't stand the unnecessary sex and sex scenes pushed in every episode. It's like every character is horny and just wants to get laid all the time.

Frankly its annoying and hurts the overall quality of the story that the viewer takes away. Nothing feels serious in this show at all.

So I'm done with it!