How To Focus On Things That Truly Matter


Are you passionate about what you're sending time on?

Being passionate about things that you spend time on is very important, especially if you're going to be doing it for a very long time. Eg. Doing things for a living.

Of course, there will be times when you won't enjoy doing things that matter but if it's temporary and gives a reward equal to the time and effort that you put into it, then it makes sense to do it. But if it's possible to choose, it always makes sense to do what you're passionate about.

Do things that give a huge reward for a short time so that you can enjoy a good amount of time doing things that you enjoy and value.

Focus on some of the foundational skills that bring out the best of us in the long term.

Foundational skills

Foundational skills are necessary skills that can help you throughout life. These skills are supposed to be learned and managed to improve to get to a goal.

Getting better at these skills can have an exponential result on your life with time. Conversely not focusing on these can have a detrimental impact overall on your life.

Time Management

  1. Time Management can be considered a parent skill. With good time management, you can apply other skills better.Β  Learning to manage time better can be one of the key things that can give exponential results over time.

  2. We all have an equal amount of time in a day but, what we do with that time is what creates all the difference. As you get better at managing time, you can learn new things or apply the things you've learned better and consistently.

  3. Good Time Management X Consistency = Good Results

  4. So managing yourself is the key here. You need to create better Habits and be consistent with them. It's good to analyze your daily schedule and think critically about what you're spending useless amounts of time on, A habit, or a behavior that doesn't even give enough entertainment but we keep repeating mindlessly. These kinds of behaviors can get ingrained in our minds and we might keep doing them without even realizing it.


Health & Vitality

There are many things when it comes to this but I've divided it into 3 things, Food/Diet, Sleep cycles, and general wellness.


When it comes to health I have it pretty much set properly although some kinks need improving.

Following a whole food plant-based, Vegan diet is the way to go for someone like me. Try to eat foods as close to their natural states as possible. Plant-based food already feels light and healthy for the body.

For more information read How To Live The Best Vegan Lifestyle will give a basic idea of what to do.

Other than that, it is also a good idea to drink enough water. Many people, especially working people, forget to keep good track of how much water they are consuming, It's something that slips out of mind easily but can have many negative consequences in the long-term.

Sleep Cycle

As you grow old it’s important to have a consistent sleep cycle. Many people including me have the habit of using their cellphone late into the night which hurts the sleep cycle on a general basis.

Some things to improve the sleep cycle -

  1. Set a deadline for your final stimulants of the day like coffee, laptop, phone, etc.

  2. Manage your sleep environment, Free from blue lights, temperature, and noise. (if you're in an Indian home.)

  3. If you have a smartwatch you can measure your sleep cycle and see how less or disturbed sleep affects you. You can make the necessary changes accordingly.

General Wellness

General wellness can be different from person to person but here are some things that can be common for most People, Implementing these habits can give you a boost in your daily life.

  1. Fresh air with some sunshine, if possible to walk in a green garden, etc that can help you further. Make sure to have to spend a few minutes outside in nature if possible.

  2. If you're someone who works long hours, take a small break to stretch, this can increase blood circulation to the brain, giving you a small bump in energy.

  3. Make meditation a part of your routine, It doesn’t have to take long. 5 Minutes of meditation is good enough to make you feel good. Try to make this a part of your morning or before-bed routine.

  4. If you're the kind of person who is always busy consider reducing your efforts a bit. A schedule too hectic can zap your vitality making you feel dull. Keep some energy to do the most important things and enjoy them. Streamline the process that is not as important or batch them if possible.

  5. Try to do things that you love for some time in your day. Hobbies, like reading a book can make you feel energized and happy.

Speed Reading

This is a skill that can have many benefits. We as people are consuming more knowledge each day. having the ability to read at a rapid pace can help you learn faster.

Speed reading can help you think faster and make better quick decisions. It can also help improve memory and focus a bit. Getting into the habit of reading every day can help you consume and learn tons of things in a comparatively small time.

If you can do more work in less time, you'll have more time to do other things.

Communicating Better

Master the ability to listen and understand.

Example - As a man who is evolved to fix & solve problems. It becomes a habit to listen to someone’s problems and try to find quick solutions but this is not always the right thing to do.

Sometimes people especially, women who are evolved share their problems and communicate things with each other, Always trying to find a solution or fix the issues is not the agenda.

It is important to understand the intention behind why someone is saying something and approach it in a way that they can reciprocate. Often we fail to see things from their perspective which can create gaps in the relationship. This issue if not fixed in time can create problems between the two.

If you want to make a relationship work, no matter which one it is! Learn to communicate and understand the person. Listening and paying attention to the words can give you all the information needed to make a relationship better. (not all relationships need to be better if you have some toxic people around you do not apply this advice to them, although you can get a better insight if you focus on them as well.)

Communicating can become complicated very quickly with things like understanding one’s perspective, asking the right questions to follow up, talking in a way that they understand you without any miscommunications, etc.

Communicating properly can be a very complex thing as one size fits all doesn’t work here, Different people have different behaviors so understanding one’s needs can be a trial and error but, there is always a proper way to approach someone. This is why Listening and being open to communicating is one of the foundational skills needed to be better in life.

Most times communication is a two-way street. If one person is trying to understand and listen while another person is not reciprocating, that can also create miscommunication as it’s just one guy trying to do all the work. In this case, try to make the person you're talking to understand exactly what you're expecting and how the both of you can approach this in a way where both of you can express yourselves properly.

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