Harvard Psychiatrist on How To Get Ahead of 99.9% of People (Starting NOW)

2023-12-11 - 19:44
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01:48:47 - iPad Babies - Parents are using phones/iPads to calm their kids, and it hurt the children's ability to develop. It is not helping their kids pay attention to things, develop cognitive abilities that are needed to function well in life. It's making the child's mind weaker.

An example Dr.K gives here is how kids nowadays prefer using elevators or escalators instead of stairs, because using stair needs more attention and probably you need to look at what's in front of you and not use your phone.

01:51:45 - How can parents counter act this - Well the technology is not going anywhere, so here are 2 things that can happen when you restrict your kids from this, either they turn out okay, or when they finally get access to the tech they flip out and get addicted to it because they always restricted themselves from it.

So the best choice of action for parents is to teach restrain instead of restriction and this somewhat goes back to Yoga, which is to control your desires and understand how your mind works.