40 - Exercise 4

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2024-01-07 - 22:28

Write a python program to translate a message into secret code language. Use the rules below to translate normal English into secret code language


if the word contains at least 3 characters, remove the first letter and append it at the end now append three random characters at the starting and the end else: simply reverse the string


if the word contains less than 3 characters, reverse it else: remove 3 random characters from start and end. Now remove the last letter and append it to the beginning

Your program should ask whether you want to code or decode

I can't do it :(

Here's what I saw others do. I'll work on this

x=int(input("press 1 for ENCODE or any other number for DECODE :"))
if x == 1:  #Coding
    str = input("\nEnter the word to Code :")
    l = list(str)
    if len(str) >= 3:
        l2 = l[0]
        l = l[1:]
        l += l2
        rand = ['a', 'c', 'z']
        l += rand
        l[:0] = rand
        print("Output :",''.join(l),)
        print("Output :",''.join(l),)

    str = input("\nEnter the word to Decode :")
    l = list(str)
    if len(str) <= 3:
        print("Output :",''.join(l),)
        l = l[3:-3]
        l2 = l.pop()
        l[:0] += l2
        print("Output :",''.join(l),)