Time Management

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Resources - 11 Skills Millionaires Master | How to focus on things that truly matter
2021-10-13 - 11:13

  1. Time Management can be considered a parent skill. With good time management, you can apply other skills better.Β  Learning to manage time better can be one of the key things that can give exponential results over time.
  2. We all have an equal amount of time in a day but, what we do with that time is what creates all the difference. As you get better at managing time, you can learn new things or apply the things you've learned better and consistently.
  3. Good Time Management X Consistency = Good Results

  4. So managing yourself is the key here. You need to create better Habits and be consistent with them. It's good to analyze your daily schedule and think critically on what you're spending useless amounts of time on, A habit, or a behavior that doesn't even give enough entertainment but we keep repeating it mindlessly. These kinds of behaviors can get ingrained in our minds and we might keep doing them without even realizing it.