What Keeps You Interested in Life?

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2023-06-16 - 18:18

Maya bro, Maya, I tell you! When ever I think. "Yep, bored with life! Nothing much to do here!". She just comes up with new techniques and to keep me glued to her. It's like she just knows what I might desire, and even if I don't desire her.

She has the right skills to make me want to desire her. There's just no winning, she is super skilled, and knows all my weaknesses. But frankly that's her job, I can't blame her for doing the things she does, even though I know I shouldn't like her, and I'm not the only one stuck in her trap though.

Almost everyone here is, and what's crazy is that they don't even realize how she is manipulating all of them. But then again, that's what she is here to do, and she does a fine job of it.