3 Big Levers In Business

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There are three things that act as big levers in business -

1. Market -

  1. Being in the right market is important. If you limit your own market or choose to go into the wrong market, even a good product with a good team and marketing strategy will fail.

  2. critically think about which market you should enter and which one to avoid.

  3. Having a mediocre product in the right market will make you a lot of money but, having an exceptional product in the wrong market will lose you money.

2. Offer

  1. Have the right offer. Make a compelling offer that people can't refuse.

  2. You don't have to change the product or service very much for this, you just have to package it in such a way that it looks compelling.

  3. It's relatively easy to do, you can set it up in a day.

3. Persuasion

  1. Learn the marketing skills, the better your ability to persuade people into doing business with you the higher your chances of becoming successful.

  2. Persuasion is an ability that anyone can learn, don't limit yourself with the idea that you can't sell anything to people. The more you practice your skills the better you become at it. (Coming from an introvert who used to think he couldn't sell.)