Feminine and Masculine

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2021-10-01 - 02:52

This is written because of the discussion between me and K chan about feminine and masculine clothing and how it is important for men to try feminine looking clothing.

Trying to break the barrier when something that looks feminine for men is a big thing. A girl can wear a guy's clothes, but a guy can't really do the same without being heavily judged for it. There are people who are doing it, and good for them to try it.

Each of us has a feminine and masculine side, We necessarily don't show the other side that easily as society pushes us to not show it too often or we ourselves don't feel comfortable to show that side of us. This goes especially for men.

But when you look at things from a deeper level. It's important to understand that the best way to do things is to not look at anyone and judge if they are feminine or masculine at all.

On a spiritual level, it makes a lot more sense to look at a human being just as a human being and not judge them on the basis of the way they dress or their preferences.

Of course there's a bell curve of where most people will belong, like most males will be manly, and most females will be womanly, but that doesn't mean that some women are very masculine, and some men are very feminine.

The whole point I'm trying to make is that does it even matter? Why do you care, if they seem feminine or masculine?

Yeah! I realized it's harder to draw bell curves, but you get the idea!
Bell curve of masculinity and femininity 2023-12-28 17.45.30.excalidraw.png