The Beauty Inside

2022-05-16 - 04:15
🧢 Tags:: #Letterstonoone #Fleeting_Notes #🌱

There's a beauty inside all of us, although we may not see it all the time but, there are times when we see a glimpse of this beauty.

It can be a stranger's smile, It can be a gesture, it can be anything that gives us a window to see into the souls of others.

Yesterday I saw a blind girl walking down the street, I don't know what she was thinking, but was just smiling. I'm not saying I was attracted to her physical beauty. What was really attractive was her being herself in the world.

Sometimes we just see these kinds of innocence and beauty in people at the most random times, but when we do, it's astonishingly beautiful.

It makes you feel hopeful for the human potential, that we can become better. We have the ingredients to make it to the next level. We just need to keep working on ourselves to make us better.

There's already enough ugly out there in the world, we can do with some of this beauty that God has given us.