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2023-12-15 | 08:00

Just started this series, watched the 1st episode, it was 1 hour long, had to split it in 2 parts.

2023-12-29 | 21:41
Just watched the last episode and this anime has been amazing.

There were many beautiful moments that I can count. Although it's not as technical as Pantheon (2022–2023) even though the anime revolves around A.I. It was beautifully done.

I think we might see a future where the algorithms get so complex that they start to have emotions. The same are Pantheon (2022–2023) or Origin where they develop emotions in one way or another. (Or maybe I'm wrong, and they will just be better than us from the beginning).

Either way, the show is a must-watch if you like some suspense and mystery.