Do Epic Shit

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πŸš€ The Book In 3 Sentences

  1. Epic thoughtful quotes.
  2. Your mindset of business and entrepreneurship will be challenged and horizons expanded.
  3. Simple statements that can give you more insight than many long form videos.

🎨 Impressions

I thought this book will be written is a similar fashion that most business related books are, but this one mostly has a few words on a topic that explain something about life/business/entrepreneurship.

The book itself states in the introduction that "this book might turn out to the most useless book you'll ever buy. This book doesn't provide anything that you might already not know".

To some extent it is true that this might be useless to some, but at the same time this book has some excellent statements that make you wonder about things. Overall, I'd say it's a good book for a light-hearted read.

πŸ”Ž How I Discovered It

Through YouTube, as Ankur has a pretty famous YouTube channel in India about personal development and personal finance.

πŸ“– Who Should Read It?

People who are looking for some inspiration on entrepreneurship and life related to it in general.

🍁 How The Book Changed Me

πŸ’‘ How my life/ thoughts/ behavior/ ideas have changed as a result of reading this Book
Frankly it didn't I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone, unless they just want to get inspired by reading some good quotes.

πŸ“ My Top 3 Quotes