Site Update 24-05-2022

Site Update 24-05-2022

2022-05-24 - 07:55

Veganomist is not getting all its pages indexed, which is causing the website to not perform the way it should. The site has a lot of potential, But I stopped posting when I saw how the pages were not getting indexed at all.
So I've decided to move it from WordPress to blogger, which might help all it overall.
I suspect the hosting to be the problem, but I can't be sure, it can be WordPress itself as well, but I highly doubt it's WordPress. Currently, in the process of moving the site to blogger. Let's see how it goes.

The site was also recently approved by google for ezoic, but as there is barely any traffic it's useless. I'm getting 1-2 visitors a day. So even if I have ezoic I won't be earning anything at all.

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