The 4 laws Of Habit Change


Make It Obvious


  1. Make it easy to do the good habits. Put fewer steps between you and the good habits and more steps between you and the bad ones.

  2. For that, you can create an environment in which you can easily practice your good habits without taking any steps.

  3. Creating an environment like that can have a compounded effect on your overall habits. Thereby making it easy for you to do better with other good habits as well.


Make It Attractive


  1. Make your habits attractive, especially when you're first beginning to form a new habit, doing this can reduce the chances of you stopping midway.

  2. You can also give yourself a small reward at the end of completing a habit to keep yourself motivated, but can also have a negative effect as you'll only work for it if you get an instant reward at the end of the activity.


Make It Easy


  1. "Friction is the most powerful force in the universe."

  2. Make it as easy as you can to do the thing that you desire. Like keeping the dumbbells somewhere where you can see them. This will create a visual cue that you need to work out.


Make It Immediately Rewarding

  1. Our brains have evolved to prioritize immediate rewards over delayed rewards.

  2. "What is Immediately rewarded is repeated. What is Immediately punished is avoided."

  3. Make things rewarding Immediately by giving yourself something that you like. EG- Take a nice break after a hard workout session, while you watch a show you like, etc.

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