Orders Of Thinking

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2023-11-28 - 21:33

I find it funny that we have the ability to think at such a high level, but even after knowing about it and having that ability, we don't fully utilize it.

I understand that being in that higher level thinking for longer I'll be able to change my life, change the way I look at the world, because it's just so much better than any low level thinking I do, but still as we are in these human bodies we just tend to behave like humans or should I say monkeys.

The monkey brain takes over and we do things that any average human being might do. It can be any stupid thing like, getting angry on something that when you really think about it should not make you angry, or sad, or frustrated, etc. you get the point.

And it's really crazy because I understand how easy it is to fall for it, but I still fall for it. This just makes me think that we are bound to be monkeys for a long time. Until and unless we really zone ourselves out, practice the higher level of thinking more everyday. So much so, that the higher level of thinking becomes my default thinking.

2023-12-11 | 01:02
I would also like to think that if we create more connections to higher order of thinking the probability of defaulting to it will also be higher. Thus, it is very important that we create as many connections to higher order thinking as we can in our day-to-day life.

One thing that can distract us from this is the outside world. It is easy to be influenced by the world and people and fall back to lower order thinking quickly. So, you can think of this as one reason why you need to carefully select who you interact with on a daily basis. Wrong company can tie you down and stunt your growth in life without you ever realizing.

I'm still working on it but here are some of the diagrams that help in this regard -