How To Spend Money

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2021-10-14 - 08:24

  1. Be curious on other people's spending Habits. Observing how successful people spend their money can give you an insight that can help you change your own spending habits.
  2. Set a target of how much money you'd spend every year, or month.
  3. The easiest method to investing is putting it in mutual/Index funds. Doing so regularly is the best way to approach investing, see DCA.
  4. Be frugal on in personal life. There's no need to waste money on things that don't give any value. Just because others are doing so, doesn't mean that you have to follow the same thing.
  5. Example - If people are going crazy because of the new iPhone there's no actual reason why you should desire the same. It comes down to do really need those features that are in the cellphone? Even if they are, how much/ for how long would you use them per day? Even if you do use them, will they give you something that you truly desire or not?
  6. Critical Thinking Is really important in making decisions like these. It's also not about how much money you have, it's about creating the habit that makes you better with your own finances.