Core Idea Time Management

2022-05-21 - 12:21
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Find a system that works for YOU. A system where you can capture all your ideas, tasks, projects, and relevant information. Preferably a system that allows you to overview and review all that information on a regular basis.


"Care more about how you actually organize this information that you are capturing".
Structure the information that you have captured, whether it is by categories or by role, etc. Your captured information needs an available structure.
Availability in this case refers to the possibility to understand what is happening next.
Organizing your information will allow you to avoid cognitive overloads since you get a "gestalt" of what is going on in your life.


Multi-scale planning (planning on different levels) β†’ Quarterly, weekly, daily planning.
Quarterly - What is the plan/events/tasks etc. for the next quarter of the year?
Weekly - Look through your quarterly plan and find out what needs to happen this week and on which day. (Example shown at 8:44)
Daily - Look at your weekly plan and schedule the hours of your day.
By utilizing multi-scale planning, you are the one taking control of your time instead of letting the time take control of you.

Cal Newport's system

Trello - For tasks and commitments. Google documents - Tracking plans (e.g. quarterly planning, podcast planning)
Time-block planner (See and a text document on his desktop - Schedule the day, capture ideas, notes, information, etc. throughout the day.
Shutdown ritual (at end of the day) - Look through his time blocker and text document to review and configure the information that was captured throughout the day, and put the relevant information into his system.
Weekly review - Configure the upcoming week.