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  1. Chunking is a process by which we divide large pieces of information into smaller chunks that are easier to retain in short term memory. One item can stand for multiple other items.
  2. Each chunk is a group of information unit. Words, numbers, phrases, etc.
  3. Most people can chunk 5-6 units of information, and no more than 8-9 units. So 7 being the most commonly observed number people could handle.
  4. So much so that it's often known as "Miller's Magic Number Seven (plus or minus two)".

Chunking Memory Techniques

1. First Letters ("acronyms")

A popular way of chunking is to take the first letters of a set of words you want to learn.

2. Made Up Phrases ("acrostics")

Acrostics is a bit like acronyms, but rather than a single word, you assign each letter a new word to make it more memorable.

So for remembering the great lakes of North America -

You can use β€œHoveringΒ OnΒ MyΒ ExtremeΒ Surfboard”, as an acrostic.

3. Lists Of Associated Concepts

You can do that by making Associations that are easier to remember, like pancakes and burritos, rather than having to remember 12 different things like, flour, eggs, milk, syrup, lemon, tortillas, chicken breast, rice, peppers, avocado, lettuce, rice.

4. Learn To Relate Numbers

Maybe you have a long list of dates to remember, you can just use basic maths to keep all of them in mind.

If you want to remember key dates of battles in a notable war, you can group them.
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You can also find pattern in number. We are good at finding patterns which can help us remember more.