5 Things To Stop Being Lazy

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Edited on 2024-04-08

Design Your Environment

If you want to be lazy, the best thing you can do is increase the friction for taking any action. So to stop being lazy, you should be doing the opposite.

Create an environment where you have almost no friction to get started. Make taking actions easy!

Design your environment mindfully. A room full of noise and distractions can be detrimental to your productivity.

Make your productivity place a distraction free zone and try to keep unnecessary noise away.

Make It Easy

Scale your habits down to make them easier. You can use the 2-minute rule to achieve this. To put it simply, scale down the habit you want to do so much that you can do them in 2-minutes.

For example, if you want to run 10k, just run for 2-minutes first.

This is an important step. You want to establish a habit before it can be improved upon. The habit has to become the standard of your life, your new normal, before you can worry about optimizing it.

Master The Entry Points

Habits are often the entry point, not the endpoint. They are like entry ramps for bigger things in life.
If you can master the decisive moment that determines what happens in the next chunk of time, then the rest of the things fall in line.

You can use the 5-second rule. The rule states that if you want to do something, instead of pondering over when to do it. Just start doing it within 5 seconds.

The reason behind it is that our brain is smart enough to try and figure a reason out after those 5 seconds to stop us from doing it. This is something that happens a lot when you're trying to implement a new habit.

Join A Community

Habits that are socially reinforced are easy to follow and also dictate our future habits and improvements.

A good social environment is a big driver of whether you stick to a habit in the long run.

Use Variable Rewards

One reason bad habits stick so easily is that they often give a favorable reward immediately.
Good habits are often the exact opposite of those, working hard today won't give you an immediate reward.

The challenge of building good habits and breaking the bad ones is figuring out how to pull the long term costs of your bad habits into the present moment, so you feel that pain right now and have a reason to avoid it.

Also pull the long term rewards of your good habits into the present moment so that you feel good and make it over that valley of death and stick with it, so those delayed rewards can finally accumulate.