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2021-08-19 - 03:01

Fleeting Notes

  1. Forming habits is not as hard as people make it out to be.
  2. Use 5 Things To Stop Being Lazy as a simple guide to make habits easier.
  3. Some habits take longer to be implemented but with time your brain gets used to doing those things again and again. Making those neuron connections thicker and better, giving you the ability to a hard things with much ease later, only if you stick with it for long enough.
  4. Take it slow, don't do too much at once. Setting wrong goals is one of the biggest reasons why most people fail at creating better habits.
    1. If you want to run, first walk. Make it a short walk, make it easy. Make it too easy so much so that your brain does not have to use any Activation Energy to start with it.