Yamada-kun to Lv999 no Koi wo Suru

Tags:: #Anime_Show_2023
2023-12-08 - 03:30

I've seen a trend where people just take an aspect of a character and amplify it to a 100. This is yet another anime that does that, the main character is a guy who is a pro gamer. When most anime miss the mark, this one does a good job.

If you're looking for something similar see Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! (2023) which takes the fact that Tomo-chan is a bit tomboyish and turns it to a 100.

I know it's a girl-centric anime, but was I pleasantly surprised by how nice it was to watch. There are not many good anime rom-coms these days, and if you know me, You'd know I love rom-coms that have and ending.

This one was related to games so I thought that might be up my alley, but it was way better than anything I expected. There are many anime which involve PC games but they don't execute it well enough for normal people to enjoy it. I'm not talking about famous franchises like sword art online but if you search for it you can find quite a few of them.

This anime is focused on our main character Akane Kinoshita, as this is a josei anime, it goes without saying. You see a woman getting dumped and then finding love because of a game, but it's more about life and how people grow. It's about overcoming your flaws or simply accepting them, letting go of the past, accepting yourself and moving forward.

There are moments in the anime that many might overlook as they are so subtle but, some of the moments are very beautiful and romantic. Girls would enjoying watching this show if they are into rom-coms.

Also a shoutout to the Akane's voice actor Minase Inori (also Inori Minase) for doing an outstanding job with her voice acting, now that I think about it everyone in the show did an amazing job, but she just stands above the rest as she has the most dialogues.

I loved it, worth watching again with your partner or something when you're chilling together(depends on the guy though, most guys aren't into rom-coms).

One more thing, The name of the anime doesn't do justice to the story, it can be easily misinterpreted as yet another stupid rom-com that has a long ass name to it.

One of the best moments of the anime. Very subtle yet powerful...