$100M Offers: How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No

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Instead of a sad-but-typical book of vague business theories and mental masturbation. β€” location: 300

Get more customers Increase their average purchase value Get them to buy more times β€” location: 383

The gross profit accrued over the entire lifetime of a customer. This is gross profit multiplied by the number of purchases an average customer will make over their lifetime. β€” location: 404

LTGP Lifetime Gross Profit in other texts for clarity’s sake. β€” location: 411

It allows you to differentiate yourself from the marketplace. In other words, it allows you to sell your product based on VALUE not on PRICE. β€” location: 417

Commoditized = Price Driven Purchases (race to the bottom) Differentiated = Value Driven Purchases (sell in a category of one with no comparison. β€” location: 418

if a prospect compares your product to another and thinks β€œthese are pretty much the same, I’ll buy the cheaper one,” then they commoditized you. β€” location: 422

Increased Response Rates (think clicks) Increased Conversion (think sales) Premium Prices (think charging a lot of money). β€” location: 436

In order to sell anything, you need demand. We are not trying to create demand. We are trying to channel it. β€” location: 542

This entire book sits atop the assumption that you have at least a β€œnormal” market, which I define as a market that is growing at the same rate as the marketplace and that has common unmet needs that fall into one of three categories: improved health, increased wealth, or improved relationships. β€” location: 544

But you can be in a normal market that’s growing at an average rate and still make crazy money. β€” location: 548

The degree of the pain will be proportional to the price you will be able to charge β€” location: 555

I have a saying I use to train sales teams, β€œThe pain is the pitch.” If you can articulate the pain a prospect is feeling accurately, they will almost always buy what you are offering. β€” location: 557

The point of good writing is for the reader to understand. The point of good persuasion is for the prospect to feel understood. β€” location: 560

What I want to show you is how to create and communicate value, aka the β€œworth-it-ness” of an offer. β€” location: 721

The reason people buy anything is to get a deal. β€” location: 723

They believe what they are getting (VALUE) is worth more than what they are giving in exchange for it (PRICE). β€” location: 723

The moment the value they receive dips below what they are paying, they stop buying from you. This price to value discrepancy is what you need to avoid at all costs. β€” location: 724

as Warren Buffet said, β€œPrice is what you pay. Value is what you get.” β€” location: 725

Getting people to buy is NOT the objective of a business. Making money is. β€” location: 728

As Dan Kennedy said, β€œThere is no strategic benefit to being the second cheapest in the marketplace, but there is for being the most expensive.” β€” location: 731

This was possible because my conviction was stronger than their skepticism. β€” location: 819

The gap between what they paid (price) and what they got (value) was massive. As a result, the virtuous cycle continued to spin. We charged the most money. We provided the most value. β€” location: 829

β€œWe question all of our beliefs, except for the ones we really believe in, and those we never think to question.” Orson Scott Card β€” location: 841

The best companies in the world focus all their attention on the bottom side of the equation. Making things immediate, seamless, and effortless. β€” location: 883

Perception is reality. It’s not about how much you increase your prospect’s likelihood of success, or decrease the time delay to achievement, or decrease their effort and sacrifice. That in itself is not valuable. Many times, they will have no idea. The Grand Slam Offer only becomes valuable once the prospect perceives the increase in likelihood of achievement, perceives the decrease in time delay, and perceives the decrease in effort and sacrifice. β€” location: 898

β€œAny fool can sell a product by offering it for a discount, it takes great marketing to sell the same product for a premium” β€” location: 912

People have deep, unchanging desires. This is what marriages are lost over, wars are fought over, and people will willingly die for. β€” location: 926

Pro Tip: Frame benefits in terms of status gained from the viewpoint of others When writing copy, you can make it that much more powerful by talking about how other people will perceive the prospect’s achievement. Connect the dots for them. Example: If you buy this golf club, your drive will increase by 40 yards. β€” location: 951

β€œHe who said money can’t buy happiness, hasn’t given enough away.” Unknown β€” location: 1045

remember that we covered identifying dream outcomes (step one), listing problems (step two), and determining solutions (step three) β€” location: 1253

β€œDesire is a contract you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want.” β€” location: 1466

The longer you delay the ask, the bigger the ask you can make. β€œThe longer the runway, the bigger the plane that can take off.” β€” location: 1489