Vegan And Vegetarian Ethics

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When it comes to ethics, both vegans and vegetarians have a very different set of ethical values. These values dictate the kind of life they live. So let’s see how different or similar are these values.

Using Animal Products

For a vegan, this goes without saying that using any animal product is wrong. Vegans believe that using animals or their by-products against their will is wrong. These include a variety of things like eating animals as food, using their secretions, like dairy products or using their skin, like leather, etc.

Vegetarians on the other hand believe it’s ok to use and eat some animals. There are mainly three kinds of vegetarians.

Lacto-Vegetarians - These are people who do not consume any animal products except dairy products, Like cheese, milk, butter, etc.

Ovo-Vegetarians - These people do not consume any animal products except for eggs. These eggs can be from any animal, Like hens, roosters, ostrich, etc

Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarians - As you might’ve already guessed by now. These people do not consume any animal products except for dairy and eggs.

Ethical Dilemma That Vegetarians Don’t Think About

Now that we know about the different kinds of ethics of vegans and vegetarians I want to point out some of the unknown things a lot of vegetarians do without it occurring to them. For example, A vegetarian might be just a Lacto-Vegetarian but, they might still use other animal products without realizing it. Like using toothpaste that contains bone char, or using animal glycerin, or animal fats without knowing.

This is usually not intentional so many vegetarians might do these things without even realizing it. I’ve personally noticed many vegetarians using leather as well, This is again mostly because of not knowing or because of the hype that leather has.

One more point is animal testing. Mostly everyone is against animal testing but we often don’t do much research not talk about it. As it turns out many vegans do not buy products that are tested on animals, even though the product might not contain anything from the animals still most vegans are against using these products.

Most Vegetarians on the other hand do not do much research and do use these products. Even though ethically they might be against animal testing. So if you’re a vegetarian it’s important to do your research and support the animals in any way you can.

What Should A Vegetarian Do?

So what should a vegetarian do to educate themselves? They can study more about animal abuse. How even if they don’t consume animals but, just having dairy is still killing cows indirectly. How eating eggs is still cruel and is responsible for killing billions of male chicks every year.

Although vegetarianism is still better than eating animals, it still supports animal abuse in one way or another. It doesn’t have to be this way though. I know most of you are against animal abuse it’s just some psychopaths who are so detached from their actions that they don’t care what happens to others. I HOPE you’re not one of them, you can change and align your ethics with your actions.

You don’t need any animal products to thrive. It’s just our addiction to the way animal products taste. If I could change so can you. It’s not that hard. You don’t need to be addicted to how animals taste you do have the intelligence and the compassion to make this world a better place for them.