Unintended Consequences of Pushing Ads

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2024-01-01 - 12:46

I think I'm noticing some unintended consequences of big websites pushing too many ads on their websites.

So here is the scenario, imagine you a manage a big website, like Facebook, YouTube, Some News websites. To maximize profits, you start to stuff more and more Ads in on the pages. This becomes so unbearable to the users that they start to search for solutions to avoid seeing these Ads, solutions like uBlock Origin or Brave browser.

As more people adopt these ad blockers, these websites start to see their ad revenue growth slow down a bit. Remember that getting new users is harder than maintaining current users. And in this scenario, current users are starting to adopt ad blockers.

As more people start using ad blockers, the website owner pushes more ads in order to maintain their ad revenue. Which creates a cycle of more people adopting ad blockers.

The non-techies are super annoyed with all the ads they are seeing, while the "techie enough" people never see an Ad.

On the other end, uses who have installed ad blockers keep the extensions on across the web. So the small website owner who wholly solely rely on ad revenue also start to see their earnings disappear. Remember, I'm talking about the normal people who are blogging and teaching some good things on the internet for free and not stuffing their pages with a shit ton of ads.

These people will start to lose hope and maybe start putting in tons of ads just to pay for their hosting, etc. or they might just feel keeping their website is not worth it anymore and might shit it down.

Which now directs that web traffic to more, bigger websites. Google also plays a big part in this, as it keeps pushing bigger sites to the top of the listings, even if the search results are not accurate.

These are my 2 cents for now. I might come back to it and addmore,e as there is just so much going on with this whole "Ad Vs Ad-blockers" these days.