67 - Exercise 6 Solution

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2024-02-16 - 20:18

Write a Library class with no_of_books and books as two instance variables. Write a program to create a library from this Library class and show how you can print all books, add a book and get the number of books using different methods. Show that your program doesn't persist the books after the program is stopped!


class Library:
  def __init__(self):
    self.noBooks = 0
    self.books = []
  def addBook(self, book):
    self.noBooks = len(self.books)

  def showInfo(self):
    print(f"The library has {self.noBooks} books. The books are")
    for book in self.books:

l1 = Library()
l1.addBook("Harry Potter1")
l1.addBook("Harry Potter2")
l1.addBook("Harry Potter3")