Cruel Sports That Abuse Animals

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Cruel Sports That Abuse Animals

ByvarunAugust 29, 2021

There is nothing sporting about forcing animals to participate in something they don’t want to…

There is nothing sporting about forcing animals to participate in something they don’t want to get involved in. Many of these sports are about survival where even the winners come out physically hurt and abused. Whereas losers pay with their lives the winners are scarred emotionally for lives as well.

Why these sport should be banned and what makes them so brutal.

Rodeo Riding


Rodeo is a cruel spectator sport, in which bulls, horses, and sometimes other animals are physically provoked into displaying wild behavior by using such devices as spurs, electric prods, and flank straps. The animals suffer many injuries and sometimes are killed because of it.

Due to the cruelty, traditional rodeo events are banned in Britain and the United States.

Calf Roping

In this horrible sport, young calves are used. They are forced to run at a speed in excess of 25 miles/hr when roped. They are often shocked with 5000-colt electric prods which makes them run out of the gates.

These are used until they are injured and eventually replaced, by replaced I mean killed.

Animal Racing

Horse Racing

Racehorses are often exposed to catastrophic injury which leads to death or emergency euthanasia. Research in victoria found the risk of a horse dying is 1 in 1,000 race starts.

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Racing also involves whips, which inflicts pain and can result in injury. This is often done to increase performance but, can lead to injury.

Uncompetitive animals are culled as they do not provide the results required. This also happens with many horses who have ended their careers.

Camel Racing


Just like horse racing, camels are bred for racing. Camels like many other animals are unpredictable. They do not respond well to whipped and can react violently at times.

Camel racing is not only bad for the animals but for humans as well. In U.A.E. young boys are recruited as jockeys. In some cases, children are abducted from poor villages in South Asia and brought to the U.A.E. Human-rights investigators found evidence of young Bangladeshi boys in the United Arab Emirates being kept in near slave-like conditions, Given meager amounts of food to keep them as light as possible for the upcoming tournaments.

Dog Racing

Known more as greyhound racing. From 2008 through 2018 more than 15,000 greyhound injuries have been documented in the U.S.A. These are still underestimated as Alabama and Florida have neither reported on these.

Racing greyhounds endure lives in confinement. They are subjected to practices that are cruel and suffer injuries and death. Greyhounds are kept in cages, barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around.

Moreover, greyhound racing contributes to dog overpopulation. Historically speaking as much as 10,000 greyhounds have been bred annually. The racing industry exacerbates an already big problem of dog overpopulation. Which simply displaces other homeless and diverts resources needed to address other animal welfare.

Bull Racing And Surfing

Maramadi is a bull racing sport in Kochi, India. In the sport, the bulls run through splashing mud. The bulls are whipped continuously until they finish the race. Although the rules have changed a lot in recent years. Maramadi still goes on in a few places.


The animals in circuses are abused on a daily basis. A variety of animals such as Tigers, Lions, Camels, and other animals endure the rigors of transport, training, and performances. Many of these animals are bred in captivity and will spend their entire lives in unnatural, stressful environments.

These animals are beaten regularly in order to learn the tricks. When not performing, animals are caged and chained with barely enough room to take a step in any direction.

Many circuses have stopped using animals and I see it as a better way to entertain.

Animal Shows

Animal shows are similar to circuses but, often just use one animal for performance. These animals are often tied up kept in cages just like many other animals on the list.

They are taught some tricks which they have to perform in order to entertain the audience. There are many kinds of animals involved in these types of animal shows. Like bears, Snakes, Sea animals, Monkeys, Birds, Etc.

Fox Hunting

Another cruel sport, which I wonder how can this be considered a sport? Is fox hunting. This has been practiced for decades, The boxing day hunt is a traditional event amongst the elite class. They use baying dogs to hunt foxes out of their burrows, traumatize them, not killing them but chasing them around for miles. The dogs nipping at their heels and creating chaos.

Even though the hunting act of 2004 has made mammal hunting illegal, it doesn’t say anything about using other animals to hunt wild animals. The loophole has allowed this horrible act to continues for such a long time.

Hare Coursing


Hare coursing is a cruel sport, in which hares and dogs are put through a lot of misery for human entertainment. A blood sport in which hares are caught with nets and boxes, tattooed, spray-painted, and microchipped for identification. These hares are then transported to a hare-coursing club.

Each hare is pursued by a pair of dogs, who compete with each other to catch and possibly kill the hare first. The fear and stress of being chased can cause heart failure and sudden death, the hare who is struck or caught can diet later from their injuries.

This is not only cruel to the hare but for dogs are well as they are forced to compete in this brutal event. The dogs are treated as money-making machines, if they do not perform they are abandoned or killed.

Animal Fighting

In this sport, animals are forced to fight against one another. It can be animals fighting the same kind of animal or animals fighting against humans, etc.


Very famous and very old, bullfighting is one of the stupidest sport out there. In this sport, bulls are first weakened by drugs or by having sandbags dropped on their back. Their eyes are rubbed with petroleum jelly to impair their vision.

Run in the name of culture, the bulls are played around with, ganged up on, and eventually killed for the amusement of the audience.


Cockfighting is a blood sport in which roosters are placed in a ring and forced to fight to the death. Even before the fight starts like in many other blood sports in this list, the roosters who are not willing to fight are killed by the breeders. These breeders specialize in producing fighting roosters. The roosters live their lives tethered by one leg in inadequate shelters, such as plastic barrels or small cages.

Cockfighting is significant with gambling and illegal activities and is banned in many countries.


Like in cockfighting, dogfighting is another blood sport in which dogs are forced to fight it out till death. There are special breeders who only breed dogs for fighting. Just like cockfighting, non-aggressive dogs are either abandoned or most likely killed if they don’t perform.

Dogfighting is related to illegal activities as well, usually surrounded by shady people, drugs and homicides, etc.