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Would love to make this someday, If I remember! πŸ˜†

Just started watching it today, after seeing it get recommended on a YouTube video, was compared to the likes of Arcane (2021), so I just wanted to watch it.

2 episodes in and this is just so good, especially with A.I getting so advanced these days. There might come a day where we might actually see something like this.

BTW I was asking ChatGPT this a few days ago, that is it possible to upload all of my data so that I can be accessed in similar way like ChatGPT and this anime quite rightfully gives some glimpse of that. Although I understand that uploading my data won't anyway be as close to what we are seeing in the animated series.

2023-11-20 | 04:27
Watched the whole thing, It ended on a bit of a cliffhanger but overall a very good series, I'd recommend people watch this. There are some things that some might not understand, things that are related to programming and technical jargon, but it does a pretty good job of keeping the story as straight as possible without going too much into fantasy stuff.

Although there was some really stupid fight scene in the end which didn't make much sense but, whatever.

2023-11-21 | 07:22
Just watched the season 2 of Pantheon and it was mind-blowing. So much thought must have went into writing something like this, it's incredible.

I wish I could share this series with other people, but I don't think anyone would really be watching it and even if they did many wouldn't understand it as well, until they have some programming languages or knowledge of these languages, algorithms, know about the Kardashev scale, some sci-fi stuff, etc.