The Theories About God & Universe

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2022-11-16 - 22:24

I have a few things that I want to put down here as my theories as to how God has designed the universe to function. These theories have evolved over time and will continue to change as I think more about these things and get more knowledge over time.

We Go Through A Cycle Of Re-Birth

We go through a cycle of rebirth. The reason I think that's the case is, God won't punish us for eternity, for any crime. There is always a way to redeem ourselves. Even if it takes millions of years, it can happen. Like it'll happen with Ashvattama.

This ideology is different from other religions who think once we die we either go to heaven or hell for eternity, but in Sanathan drama. Heaven and hell are just two places, and these aren't the highest or lowest places, either.

You don't go to heaven for eternity, nor you go to hell for eternity. The karmic system allows you to go to heaven for a certain amount of time depending on the good deeds, and respectively the same happens for hell, but just as our time of earth, we have a limited time there as well.

In Sanathan dram our goal is not to go to heaven or hell, as when you think about it, it's yet another type of rebirth. Our goal is to be united with God itself.

You are a drop of water, when a drop of water get in the ocean can you tell which is a drop of water, and which is the ocean?

Don't get me wrong, these are just semantics in one way, let me explain. It's not that other religions are wrong, they just have an ultimatum, while Sanathan's don't have that.

The goal of every major religion is the same which is to be with God, the only differences are-

Sanathan Other Religions
God is not in heaven God is in heaven
You have all the time in the universe You just have one lifetime
You don't find God in heaven You find God in heaven
Heaven is not permanent place Heaven is a permanent place

So the goals are not that different, but the way we go about achieving them are different. The point to remember being that you can try again if you fail to do the right things in this life, but there is a catch. Do you know when will you get to try again?

Being in a cycle of rebirth has its own issues. So much so that you might think other religions are better, as I can just do all the good in one lifetime and be in heaven with God for eternity.

And what I mean by trying again is that, do you know what will you be reborn as? You might not get a human body. You might become an insect wondering all your life, never getting the opportunity to do something significant that will move you forward in your journey to reach God, but you'll go through all the pain and suffering that an insect goes through.

This makes me feel that hell is nothing more than yet another existence of some kind where you just go through painful experiences. More on this on karma-cycle.

The Timeline Of Karma Or The Cycle Of Karma

People often say, especially atheists, that, 'If God is a peace loving being, why would he give innocent children cancer?' or something similar, but according to the above points on rebirth we only see people from their one life, we do not get to see their previous lives and the kinds of acts/karma they have committed in their previous life/lives.

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Now, this example can be very triggering to some people, but this is just and ideology and as we'll discuss more about how the universe operates we'll understand that it's not all that bad when we see things from that kind of higher perspective.

Being in the karmic cycle can be a type of hell as well, you go through the cycle of birth and death countless times because you're looking for pleasures of the world. This can be anything from money, sex, drugs, etc.

The senseless urge to get fulfilled has no end. So what is the solution to this? Well it's God according to all religions, God will save you from becoming a being of eternal doom.

And for us to grow, we need to get better at understanding the world that God has made for us. By understanding how Maya acts of us, we can get one step closer to gaining some control over it.

I still need to write about a story from bhagvattam about sage Kardama (This story is found in the third canto (Skandha) of the Bhagavatam, in Chapters 21 through 24) and Sage Narada (1st Canto (Skandha) of the Bhagavatam, specifically in Chapter 6)

Why Are We Created?

As we all know that God is the supreme being of this universe and other universes as well. But why exactly are we created, and what's the reason for our existence? This is one of the questions that is very hard to answer, as we might never know for certain what's the reason for our existence.

Until we are in our human form and with our limited experiences. Basically, we are like small children who don't have the intelligence or maturity to understand those things yet.

Here are a few theories on that -

Everything Is Made By God

The physical bodies that we have are made by God.

The feeling that we have are designed by God in order for us to exist in this physical world.

The matter that we see is God as well.

Anything and everything in this universe is made by God.

This kind of theory doesn't sound good for many because even the bad things that we see in the world are made by God itself.