April Story


#Movies_2023 **Old data** The storytelling is very unusual, but it's not something that I've hated. This is really what you can say,Β **show, not tell**. You don't hear characters describing what they are thinking or feeling, You don't see typical scenarios that you'd see in most movie. You experience what the characters are experiencing first hand.

This kind of storytelling is not going to be a good watch for most of the people, but I really enjoyed watching this one. The story itself is nothing special when you look at it from a macro perspective, but is a very beautiful tale when you look at it from a micro perspective.

To what lengths a young girl in love goes to for someone she has a crush on. It's innocent, while you also get to see the beauty and the challenges of everyday life of living alone in Tokyo as a young girl who has never been away from her family before.

New Note data
This one was a great movie, I would say very sweet and simple, the movie puts us into the shoes of the actress and shows us a world that she sees. A movie about an innocent girl falling in love with the guy she always had a crush on, while finding a space for herself in the new city.

This is something I can play in the background on a rainy day, while I sit watching the rain.

I'm making this note again, as I just typed "April story" in mediaDB to see what will happen, and the extension created a new note, and the old one is gone, Although I have a backup of the old vault. The note didn't contain anything serious.