Ad Hominem

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2022-05-20 - 08:41

An ad hominem fallacy uses personal attacks rather than logic.
This fallacy occurs when someone rejects or criticizes another point of view based on the personal characteristics, ethnic background, physical appearance, or other non-relevant traits of the person who holds it.

Ad Hominem arguments are often used in politics, where they are often called "mudslinging".

People utilize ad hominem fallacy because they want to appeal to people's emotions.

How to deal with ad hominem fallacy?
  1. Point out the irrelevance of emotional testimony they've just introduced to the argument.
  2. Point out their personal attack on you and highlight how it has nothing to do with the argument at hand. You can also ask them how - precisely - their personal attack is relevant to the argument at hand.
  3. Once you've exposed their weakness, take the high road. You might say something to the effect of "I understand you think I'm X, Y, and Z, but that has nothing to do with what we are actually discussing here. So I'm not going to entertain it any longer."

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