Web Pages I've Codded From Scratch

🧢 Tags:: #HTML_CSS #JavaScript
πŸ”— Links:: https://varunsportfolio.pages.dev/
2022-12-28 - 09:23


Is a cyperpunk style webpage and I added some images and created a projects section as well for this.


Attempted to create a neomorphic and glassmorphic design, didn't turn out to be too good, but is a good experience to make this design. The webpage doesn't do anything, it's more of a design practice.


I really wanted to try neomorphism design, so spent a few days writing some code for this one. This can be improved further, but there's no reason to, as it was made just to get a hang of the design.


Glassmorphism anyone?! This is just a simple design for trying glassmorphism. This was fun to make. The site is responsive and just made for practicing design


Similar to martix, but more like a personal links page. Very simple single page design.


Same layout as Codename, but you can see how different it looks when you change the images and background video.

Ambient Pomodoro

https://ambientpomodoro.pages.dev/Β A working pomodoro timer with background and music changing option. I might work on this more later and add google login so that users can track their progress over time.

Black ETH

https://blacketh.pages.dev/ A imaginary crypto website. This has video backgrounds, scroll snap, and responsive design with navigation.

Black & White

https://blacknwhite.pages.dev/ I wanted to make a site that felt minimal and had lots of negative areas that I could play with. This is the result of an imaginary portfolio like web page which uses the absence of objects to have an effect.

Allen Alex Mini Portfolio

https://alexallenport.pages.dev/ A very small portfolio page with links. This can be made into a proper website if needed, The page is not mobile responsive because there was no need for me to make it so.

Lily's Cosplay

https://lilyscosplay.pages.dev/ A simple web page with nice images and contact form from forms.app. The page has a slider section which was fun to make. There are also micro gestures on images.

Shane Watson Portfolio

https://shaneportfolio.pages.dev/ A one-page portfolio page. This one is pretty simple as well. It's kinda boring, though.