Diminishing Returns When Consuming Media

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2023-12-20 - 18:30

Addiction to media consumption is prevalent in today's society. To reduce that kind of consumption, one easy exercise you can do is, ask yourself how you are feeling with each hour of media consumption.

Example - Imagine you're watching YouTube, how do you feel after watching YouTube? You can do this after every half an hour. Like the example below.

Hour Feelings
1st hour Feeling pretty good
2nd hour This is kinda boring
4th hour What the hell am I doing with my life
Pasted image 20240304100933.png

When you put conscious effort and think about how you're feeling at the moment, instead of drowning out your feelings. You can see how bad your habits are. This is one of the easiest ways to realize that what you're doing is actually not even feeling good, but still you continue to do the same thing.

This is where Activation Energy comes in. It takes some effort to stop what you're doing and think actively.