Critical Thinking

2023-01-04 | 22:34
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We often do not think about this topic much but, it is one of the important ones that people forget. How Depth of knowledge can help a person? How thinking deeply can solve problems, show us new ways, and even save a lot of useless effort.

So how does one have to become a deep thinker and what all problems lay ahead for someone trying to improve their lives with better, deeper thinking.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is nothing more than systematically and deliberately processing information so that you can make better decisions and understand things better.

A few ways one can think critically:

This information can come from sources such as:

How to think more critically?

  1. Ask basic questions
  2. Question Basic Assumptions
  3. Mental Processes
  4. Try Reversing Things
  5. Evaluate Existing Evidence
  6. Remember To Think For Yourself
  7. Understanding That We can't Think Critically 100% Of The Time


Like said above, Simulation is related to Conceptualizing and Synthesizing. The reason for simulating something is simple, the better you can simulate a situation with the knowledge you already have, the more information it can give you about the likely pitfalls and problems in your thinking.

This can help you give enough data on how to process in certain situations.

Let's look at the basics of them both -


For critical thinking, we can use it to form mental concepts in our heads that can help us form an idea. This can be anything from a way of thinking to making a project or an object.
Making a strong concept can be really beneficial for making good points when it comes to making it a reality or for discussion. Having a cleat concept helps with critical thinking.


Similar to Conceptualizing, Synthesizing mostly deals with ideas and thoughts. We can use Synthesizing to create a situation in our head that can help us understand other things better.

Closed Mindset

To think critically it's important to have an open mindset, as said above we often fall into the traps of biases and heuristics have make it hard for us to look at the situation with an open mind. Many times these biases are so ingrained in our mentality that we don't even realize that we are falling for it.

It's good to note down any of the closed minded thoughts that you might have, this is not just for critical thinking but also for general mindset growth.