Why Isekai is Trash

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2024-05-18 - 00:50

Reasons Why Isekai is Trash

Stale genre

Overused tropes and clichΓ©s

If you've watched many isekai then guess this anime -

Predictable Plotlines

Here Are Some Common Things

Lack of Character Development

Wish Fulfillment Fantasy

Poor World-Building

Why is This the Case?

Cause and Effect

What I think will eventually happen is people will slowly get bored with the genre and stop watching these shows, or they will just stop watching anything that has isekai in it.

When will that happen is hard to say, though, as right now that doesn't seem to be happening.

Until and unless that happens, you'll keep seeing many such anime released every season.

But regardless of what happens, the quality of anime people watch and experience is going down, in the end the only message we see is that money and attention makes the world go around. > Make an Attention = Money Slide.